Metal material deep processing project of Tangshan Zhengfeng New Material Co., Ltd

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Instructions to bidders
Now, the contractor of the project is selected through invitation to bid. The bidder who has received the bidding documents, data and construction drawings of the project and has the ability to undertake and meet the qualification requirements shall bid according to the provisions and requirements of the bidding documents of the project.

Item No.:


Description and requirements


Project Name:

Metal material deep processing project of Tangshan Zhengfeng New Material Co., Ltd


Project location:

Kanggezhuang Town, economic development zone, Fengrun District, Tangshan City


Source of funds

raise independently


Project bidding scope

All the construction works in the project introduction of the employer, including the fabrication and installation of the steel structure of the main galvanized plant and the steel structure of the logistics warehouse.


Planned construction period

Planned delivery time: delivery will start on August 10, 2022.


quality requirement



Bidding qualification requirements

The bidder must have the qualification of grade II general contracting of metallurgical engineering or grade II and above contracting of building and steel structure engineering approved and issued by the competent construction administrative department, and have corresponding construction ability in terms of personnel, equipment and funds. Among them, the project manager proposed by the bidder must have the practicing qualification of class II registered constructor of construction engineering, valid safety production assessment certificate (class B), and not serve as the project manager of other projects under construction. Business license, qualification certificate, safety production license, quality, safety and environmental system certification certificate and other originals shall be provided.


Consortium bidding

Not accepted


Bidding period

Time of issuing bidding documents: July 6, 2022
Deadline for bidding: 14:00, July 8, 2022


Bid validity period

  90 days


Bidding cost

The tenderer shall bear all costs involved in the preparation and submission of the tender documents.


Number of copies of bidding documents

One original (PDF scanning version) and one electronic version (U disk)


Composition of bidding documents

Bidding text, project introduction, quotation list, contract format, bid letter, etc. (for quotation only, not for other purposes).


Signature and seal requirements

Submission method: the bidding documents shall be written or printed in indelible materials and signed or sealed by the legal representative of the bidder or its entrusted agent (official seal of the company and seal of the legal representative). If the entrusted agent signs, the power of attorney signed by the legal representative shall be attached to the bidding document. The bid documents shall be avoided to be altered, inserted or deleted. In case of the above circumstances, the changes shall be stamped with the company seal or signed by the bidder's legal representative or its authorized agent for confirmation.


Binding and sealing requirements



Place for submission of bidding documents

Special mailbox of Tangshan Zhengfeng iron and Steel Co., Ltd.:


Time and place of bid opening

Bid opening time: 15:00, July 8
Place of bid opening: telephone or wechat for bid negotiation


Bid opening procedures

The bid evaluation team of the tendering unit of Party A shall receive the bidding documents at the time of bid opening and negotiate the bids by telephone or wechat.


Bid evaluation method

According to the quotation list, the best unit price wins the bid.


Winning the bid

1. The tenderee will determine 3-4 shortlisted companies according to the bidding quotation, preferential conditions, construction performance and comprehensive evaluation of reputation. Conduct on-the-spot investigation on the strength and performance of the shortlisted bidders, and determine the winning bidder through comprehensive evaluation.
2. After the bidder wins the bid, if the project manager and main members of the organization of the project department listed in the bidding document are inconsistent with the actual construction, Party A has the right to terminate the construction contract, and all consequences arising therefrom shall be borne by the successful bidder.


Notification of award

The tenderee will notify the winning unit in the form of letter of acceptance, and the unsuccessful unit will notify by telephone or SMS. The bid inviter has no obligation to explain the bid evaluation process. The letter of acceptance includes the time limit for signing the contract and the refund of the bid security of the unsuccessful bidder. All bidding documents will not be returned whether they win the bid or not.


Contracting mode:

Contract labor, materials and quality assurance.


Quotation includes:

See the tender quotation for details.


Price adjustment

Design change and site visa.


Project payment

1. Main materials: Party B shall, in accordance with the construction drawings provided by Party A and the code for design of steel structures and relevant standards, refine the construction details of steel structures. After the construction details are confirmed by the construction drawing design unit entrusted by Party A or the engineer of Party A, Party B shall submit the material purchase plan according to the approved construction details, and both parties shall jointly inquire the market price, and pay 95% of the material price according to the price determined by both parties, Party B shall purchase steel according to the planned and confirmed price and start the fabrication of steel structure. The process principle is not allowed to be changed or replaced. If necessary, it must be agreed by Party A. without Party A's consent, if Party A finds that Party B fails to strictly implement the purchase plan or the actual arrival is inconsistent, it has the right to require Party B to pay liquidated damages and refuse to pay again. All responsibilities and losses shall be borne by Party B.
The steel purchase plan submitted by Party B to Party A includes but is not limited to the purchasing unit, steel variety, specification and model, manufacturer, quantity, unit price, amount, payment method, payment date, arrival date, transportation mode, etc. Party B shall reasonably prepare the steel procurement plan according to the product production period. If the plan is unreasonable, Party A has the right to adjust the steel procurement plan of Party B. When Party A checks the implementation of Party B's steel purchase plan, Party B must unconditionally provide Party A with the purchase contract, delivery / warehousing list, transportation voucher, invoice and other documents required by Party A, and unconditionally cooperate with Party A to conduct physical inventory at Party B's production site.
2. Payment for steel structure fabrication: Party A shall pay 95% of the processing and fabrication cost of the current batch of goods for every 200 tons of goods delivered by Party B.
3. After the delivery of the last batch of steel components, Party A shall pay the payment according to the following formula:
Payment amount = actual quantity of goods received * unit price of finished steel structure fabrication - all payments paid by Party A (including main materials, steel structure fabrication, etc.) - quality assurance deposit, which is 5% of the final settlement amount (actual quantity of goods received * unit price of finished steel structure fabrication) and will be paid off one year later. Note: the unit price of finished products of steel structure fabrication is determined by the final unit price of main materials + the unit price of steel structure fabrication (the unit price of finished products shall be calculated separately for each batch of steel structures, and each batch of steel structures must be shipped separately). The final unit price of main materials = average unit price (theoretical weight of each material * total amount of each material unit price confirmed by both parties / total theoretical weight) * 1.015 (loss) + freight unit price.


Settlement method

Main materials: wire transfer settlement; Steel structure fabrication and installation: bank acceptance bill settlement.


Qualification examination method

Preliminary review of relevant materials of enterprise qualification.


Bidding Q & A

If the tenderer has any questions about the technical documents, he can call the project Department of our company. After the deadline for submission of bids, the bidder shall be deemed to have understood the requirements of Party A without any objection.
Contact person for bidding: Xu aipeng 130 3150 8121
Project technical questioner: Prince Jun 139 3150 8960
Project business questioner: Xu aipeng 130 3150 8121
Q & a time: before 12:00, July 8, 2022


Quotation basis and method

The bidder shall complete the quotation according to the bidding documents and drawings and our quotation list template.


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