Warehouse logistics

Zhengfeng Steel has two logistics warehouses for steel profiles. They are Zhengfeng International and Zhengfeng Steel World, adjacent to National Highway 102 and Beijing Harbin Expressway, with obvious transportation advantages. A steel logistics park with high planning standards, advanced supporting facilities, and scientific management, with an indoor warehouse area of nearly 300000 square meters and a storage capacity of 1 million tons of steel. It has a large hardened light parking lot, integrated with modern logistics functions such as information center, management center, e-commerce, catering and leisure. By integrating upstream and downstream resources, it has become an integrated trading platform for production, supply, sales, storage, and transportation, achieving information aggregation and sharing in the industrial chain.

The indoor area of the warehouse in Zhengfeng International Logistics Park is 100000 square meters, with a storage capacity of 400000 tons of steel and a maximum daily shipping capacity of 30000 tons. At present, it has been used as a dedicated warehouse for iron tower angle steel and special customized products.

Zhengfeng Steel World Intelligent Logistics Warehouse Park has an indoor area of 200000 square meters, a storage capacity of 600000 tons of steel, and a maximum daily shipping capacity of 40000 tons. The park was completed and put into operation on October 1, 2023, and currently focuses on conventional products

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