Ferrous metal smelting

The steelmaking process is advanced and highly automated, with the characteristics of continuous feeding, continuous preheating, continuous temperature measurement, and continuous smelting. All molten steel has been refined, with uniform chemical composition, low inclusions, and high cleanliness. The continuous casting machine adopts technologies such as full protection pouring and electromagnetic stirring to prevent secondary oxidation of molten steel, effectively control defects such as center segregation, porosity, shrinkage, and cracks in the billet, and ensure the quality of the billet.

Faced with the arrival of the Industry 4.0 era, the company has accelerated the development pace of automation, informatization, digitization, and intelligence based on the principle of "digital prosperity and intelligent manufacturing as a strong enterprise". A centralized control center for the steelmaking department was established in 2022. It can achieve remote centralized control of electric furnace smelting and 24-hour remote dispatch and command of the steelmaking system. Not only does it achieve centralized control of personnel and equipment, making management more efficient and communication more convenient, but it also significantly reduces equipment failure rates, reduces equipment maintenance, and keeps employees away from the production line, improving the working environment.

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